Past KillerCon Coverage

Now in its fourth year, the KillerCon convention in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the "must attend" cons for horror writers.

Praise for Past KillerCon Conventions:

KillerCon 1 - 

KillerCon 2 - 
  • BestofLasVegas.Com did an in-depth feature on the second KillerCon convention, which hosted readings by best-selling authors, author Q&As, book signings, panel discussions, and much more. 
  • Steven W. Booth did a great video to promote KillerCon 2; check it out here. 

KillerCon 3 -  

  • Co-founder Wrath James White wrote an excellent recap of KillerCon 3, which can be accessed here
  • KillerCon 3 author guest of honor Edward Lee shared some interesting thoughts on how Las Vegas inspires his creativity and gives him lots of ideas. We hope he'll be in attendance at this year's con. 
  • Horror author Maurice Broaddus had some great things to say of his experience attending the con in 2009, as did Misty Dahl, while Weston Ochse's recap post has video footage of his reading at KillerCon 3. 
  • While scribe P.S. Gifford started to share some thoughts, he linked to horror writer and editor Ed Kurtz's wrap-up of KillerCon 3, which was insightful, excellent, and featured awesome photos. 
  • Equally as interesting and hilarious was horror writer Benjamin Kane Ethridge's KillerCon 3 recap, also containing great photos.  
  • Ray Garton's recap post goes into great detail about what a good time he had at KillerCon 3, and should definitely be checked out. Brad C. Hodson had some wonderful things to say in his recap of KillerCon 3, as did Mason Bundschuh.
  • Prepare yourself for the 2012 Gross-Out contest. To get a taste of what's to come, view Shane McKenzie's KillerCon 3 entry here. It gets pretty graphic--don't say we didn't warn you ;-) 
  • Writer and KillerCon 3 attendee John Palisano made a great "yearbook" video recap of the convention, which highlights some of the coolest goings on. Check it out here.
  • ConNotations Review - KillerCon 3
  • Geek Calender - KillerCon 3
  • Horror Addicts - KillerCon 3 
  • - KillerCon 3

    For more information, please visit the official KillerCon website.

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