Saturday, September 22, 2012 
Start time: 11am
Meet your Pitch Session Crew in no particular order (This list is subject to change):

John Skipp
  Fungasm Press and Ravenous Shadows

Jason V Brock – Nameless Magazine & Cycatrix Press Anthology
Don D’Auria – Samhain Publishing
Kate Jonez Omnium Gatherum & Odium Media

R.J. Cavender – Cutting Block Press & Dark Continents Publishing
Jeff Burk – Deadite Press
Marc Ciccarone – Blood Bound Books

Ross E. Lockhart - Night Shade Books

Christopher Payne – JournalStone Publishing
Stacey Turner - Angelic Knight Press
Roy Robbins - Bad Moon Books
Marc C. Scioneaux & Jennifer Wilson – Nightscape Press 
Aaron J. French – Dark Discoveries Publications    
Robert Fleck – Agent  

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